This is a very early version of an automapper for the GOG-version of SSI's Eye of the Beholder 3.

The reason why this is separated from the ASE for EOBs 1 and 2 is that EOB3 uses a different game engine and there isn't that much known about it. I don't for example know how the doors, buttons etc. are set in the the game data so currently this only shows walls and floors.

This game really isn't that good so I'm not going to spend huge amounts of time with this but there seemed to be a small demand for at least some kind of automapper for EOB3.

Version 0.11 (26-February-2017)

  • When you set the game folder the settings are saved.
  • Inventory editing in "offline" mode. There are probably errors in the item names. I used a list from a EOB3 hex editing guide. Some items may crash the game. Some items are not visible until clicked on. Note that items imported from EOB2 are not fixed numbers.
  • Included special resource tables from EYE.RES as text files.
Version 0.10 (25-February-2017)
  • First public version.


  • ... The All-Seeing Eye 3.
  • eob3hex.txt ... Guide for hex editing EOB3.
  • ... EOB2 savefile that can be imported to EOB3. Extract the TRANSFER.SAV to the EOB3-folder.


  • Rewiki on .RES ... General info on .RES resource files.
  • Rewiki on EYE.RES ... More detailed info on EOB3's resource file EYE.RES. I've included the special resource tables as text files in the ASE3-archive.


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