This is an automapper for the GOG-version of SSI's Eye of the Beholder 3.

The reason why this is separated from the ASE for EOBs 1 and 2 is that EOB3 uses a different game engine and there isn't that much known about it. I don't for example know how the doors, buttons etc. are set in the the game data so currently this only shows walls and floors.

This game really isn't that good so I'm not going to spend huge amounts of time with this, but there seemed to be a small demand for at least some kind of automapper for EOB3.

If you're not playing the GOG-version of EOB3, and experience the game crashing or having sound problems, check this thread at There is also a backup of the thread and files in the downloads below. GOG-version should work fine without any patching.

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  • eob3hex.txt ... Guide for hex editing EOB3.
  • ... EOB2 savefile that can be imported to EOB3. Extract the TRANSFER.SAV to the EOB3-folder.
  • ... Backup of EOB3/AESOP32-related threads from (see below), includes the files linked in there.
  • ... Another similar AESOP32-related backup.
  • ... Cadaver747's fix pack for sound fixes and corrected portraits (info).
YouTube videos
  • Byron plays EOB3 ... Several runs. ASE is used in the videos at the end of the playlist.